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What is Nano THC?

With a large variety of consumption methods and products available at our Massachusetts cannabis dispensary, many consumers are often impressed with the innovative and unique ways to get lifted!

Whether you’re in search of a cannabis infused-seltzer, a bar of decadent and potent chocolate, or fruity gummies with fast-acting relief – nano-emulsification is a processing method that is changing the way we consume and use edibles.

This cutting-edge technique has opened consumer’s eyes to the experience of fast-acting cannabis edibles and infused products for an even more efficient and consistent experience.

Read on to learn the details on nano-emulsification and learn how nano THC products are taking the Massachusetts cannabis market by storm.

Defining Nano-Emulsification in Cannabis

First and foremost, let’s discover the definition of terpenes – 

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that hold particular aromatic and chemical profiles for plants. These tiny plant compounds act as the essential oils of plants, responsible for captivating fragrances and aromatic profiles that add to the plant’s overall unique essence. 

Additionally, terpenes also play a crucial role in the plant kingdom’s protection and survival – acting as a defense mechanism for plants to deter pests or predators and instead, attract pollinators. There are hundreds of thousands of terpenes, among other aromatic compounds, that influence the chemical flavor profile of plants all around us. 

While it’s not possible yet to identify each different type of terpene or compound that is composed of various plant species, many scientific discoveries are suggesting the immense role and potential of terpenes in cannabis. 

What is Nanoemulsion?

Cannabis emulsion is the process of combining two substances that don’t normally mix for a more efficient and consistent bond. It occurs when cannabis oil, or THC, is processed into smaller particles and then infused into another liquid, solid, or waxy substance.

This manipulation of matter in nanotechnology has rapidly become an advanced technology technique for the field of medicine, sharing common connections with both the medical and recreational cannabis industry. 

It’s important to understand that terpenes aren’t unique to cannabis, but greatly influence the uniqueness of each cannabis cultivar and the high we get from consuming it. 

How Long Does it Take for Nano THC to Kick In?

Traditional edibles often lead to a guessing game of figuring out when the effects will kick in, which is why nano THC products are favored for their fast-acting effects.

Average edibles and cannabis infusions roughly contain about 6-20% absorbable THC, while nano THC provides an estimated 85% absorbable THC when consumed. This fast-acting method allows users to experience full effects within minutes, compared to hours. 

  • The typical onset of effects for Nano THC can range from 10 to 15 minutes, while most conventional edibles will take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. 

The onset and effects of regular cannabis-infused edibles depend greatly on a wide range of factors – from one’s tolerance, metabolism, weight, or even when they ate last. With nano-emulsified cannabis edibles, these factors do not greatly influence the rapid effects produced, making it a more desirable and consistent consumption choice for all consumers.  

What are the Benefits of Nano THC? 

In the Massachusett cannabis market, cannabis infusions and products are constantly advancing and excelling to new heights. Here are some of the outstanding benefits most users will appreciate from consuming nano THC products: 

Improved Bioavailability 

Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that enters the bloodstream when consumed or ingested into the body. Nano-emulsification greatly enhances the bioavailability and storage of nano cannabinoids in the body. Smaller particles pass through cell membranes easily to ensure a higher percentage of cannabinoids reach the bloodstream. As a result, better bioavailability leads to a more potent and consistent consumption experience. 

Reduced Waiting Time 

No matter if you’re new to cannabis edibles or an expert, we’ve all experienced the long wait associated with “waiting for the edible to kick in.” Or perhaps, you’ve been in a situation where you overconsumed from waiting too long for the effects! With nano THC products, you can say goodbye to the long wait time that’s common with traditional edibles. 

A rapid onset with THC gives the users the relief or desired effects they’re looking for within minutes, rather than hours. 

Consistency Stays Key 

Another gamble associated with most cannabis edibles or products is consistency. Depending on the product or its precise dose, it’s difficult for many users to identify and replicate similar cannabis highs and experiences. Nano THC not only gives enhanced bioavailability, but ensures a more reliable, predictable, and consistent user experience. 

Versatile Product Options and Uses

Nanoemulsified cannabis products can incorporate a wide assortment of different cannabinoids and can be applied to various cannabis-infused products, such as beverages, tinctures, and topicals. 

The Best Nano THC Products at Our MA Dispensary 

Take a look around our Misty Mountain cannabis dispensary in Malden and you’ll find a wide range of the most innovative and delicious cannabis edibles infused with Nano THC. 

  • Double Baked’s Cake Batter Cheesecake Chocolates deliver 5mg of potent THC goodness with each bite. Made with decadent white chocolate and blended in pop rocks for the ultimate flavor twist, this limited batch of nano THC edibles is made with a full-spectrum RSO sativa formula for a robust profile of flavor and effects.
  • Kanha’s Nano Passion Fruit Gummies are divinely sweet and made with pure indica terpenes for a more calming, relaxing, and blissful state of mind. With 5mg of THC per gummy, Kanha’s collection of nano THC gummies are ideal for microdosing cannabis any time of day. 
  • Part of our Happy Valley products collection at our cannabis dispensary, the Tangerine Nano Gummies in 100mg are deliciously juicy and infused with full-spectrum flavor. With fast acting effects and bursting fruity flavor, you’ll feel bliss and relaxation in a matter of minutes.

Shop Nano THC at Misty Mountain Shop

Nano-emulsification continues to stand out as a revolutionary process that transforms the way we consume cannabis-infused products. 

With faster onset times, improved bioavailability, and a more predictable experience, nano-emulsified edibles and infused products offer consumers a new level of control over their cannabis journey. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a curious newcomer, exploring the world of nano-emulsification can open doors to a more efficient and enjoyable cannabis experience. 

Stop by our cannabis dispensary in Malden or shop our dispensary menu online to explore our wide selection of the most innovative and fast-acting nano THC cannabis products in Massachusetts!