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Buying Pre-Rolls vs. Rolling Your Own: Which is Better?
One of the biggest questions we get at our dispensary in Malden is the famous debate on whether to buy a pre-roll or roll your own. Luckily, if you visited our recreational dispensary, you’ll quickly realize that there is no wrong answer! Between our large variety of flower strains and a wide selection of the [...]Read More... from Buying Pre-Rolls vs. Rolling Your Own: Which is Better?
What is Nano THC?
With a large variety of consumption methods and products available at our Massachusetts cannabis dispensary, many consumers are often impressed with the innovative and unique ways to get lifted! Whether you’re in search of a cannabis infused-seltzer, a bar of decadent and potent chocolate, or fruity gummies with fast-acting relief – nano-emulsification is a processing [...]Read More... from What is Nano THC?
Identifying Terpenes in Cannabis
If you’ve opened a fresh package of cannabis recently, your nose may have been overwhelmed with the strong aroma that pours out of the cannabis jar. If you’re familiar with cannabis, or most plants in general, you may have noticed their distinct smells and aromas. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis that create a [...]Read More... from Identifying Terpenes in Cannabis
How to choose the best pre-roll?
If you’re a regular at our MA cannabis dispensary, you’ve probably discovered prerolls (and if you’re a newbie to cannabis, trust us, it’s worth giving them a try!). They’re convenient to take with you wherever you’re going, because all you need is a lighter. Simply put, it takes the work out of rolling joints and [...]Read More... from How to choose the best pre-roll?
Best Fall Activities to Pair with Pre-Rolls
Cozy sweaters, falling leaves, pumpkin-flavored treats — is there anything not to love about this time of year? Don’t get us wrong, we had fun this summer. But when you live in New England, there is something magical about the beginning of fall.  4 Fall Festive Activities to Pair with Cannabis  If you’re ready to [...]Read More... from Best Fall Activities to Pair with Pre-Rolls
A True Cannabis Beginner’s Guide to Massachusetts Dispensaries
With over 275 licensed dispensaries, Massachusetts cannabis is a continuously growing market.  The great thing about a thriving local industry is that beginners and connoisseurs alike get access to high-quality product options. From flower and edibles to concentrates and vapes, brands are selling it all.  However, this can lead to choice overload, and if you’re [...]Read More... from A True Cannabis Beginner’s Guide to Massachusetts Dispensaries