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Keep the Adventure Going with Misty Mountain’s Season Pass

Sign up for a season pass at Misty Mountain Shop and freestyle your way into endless perks and cannabis dispensary deals. Bundles, price drops, contests, events and more!

Get a FREE t-shirt by signing up as a Misty Mountain season pass holder today.
Sign up, stop in, get lifted and receive your free shirt!

A Misty Mountain Season Pass is suited for adventurers of any
level seeking an elevated experience.


Carefully carve your way towards access to fast-acting infused seltzers from Levia or CANN. Get your hands on some low-dose edibles (0.5mg-2.5mg) from brands like Kanha and Sweet Spots for on-the-go elevated adventures. 

Edibles or flower not your style? Disposable vapes give you an introduction to cannabis vaping without the commitment.


So you’ve skiied downhill a few times – hit the powder and glide through an assortment of cannabis pre-roll joints or 3.5g of craft cannabis flower strains. 

Dare to even try a potent edible, and the chairlift won’t be the only thing getting you elevated.


Looking to reach higher highs? Join the expert level to continue exploring all that cannabis has to offer. 

Confidently freestyle with steeze around potently infused pre-roll joints, or try a small dose of cannabis RSO for an elevated freeride. Prep for the day enjoying some cannabis concentrates on the chairlift up.


How Do I Sign Up for Misty Mountain’s Season Pass? 

  • Signing up for our dispensary’s Season Pass is easy! Just submit your information to our form above and look out for additional details from Misty Mountain. 

Who Can Get a Season Pass for Misty Mountain Dispensary? 

  • Anyone local or not! We welcome all those who are the age of 21 or older to sign up. 

How Does Misty Mountain’s Season Pass work? 

Each time you visit Misty Mountain’s dispensary in Malden, you’re racking up on future deals and savings! 

  • After 5 visits, you’re eligible to receive a Blue Square T-Shirt 
  • After 10 visits, Season Passholders receive a Black Diamond T-shirt 
  • Passholders who’ve reached over 100 visits will receive a free Misty Mountain dispensary hoodie! 

On top of the ongoing rewards with each dispensary visit, Season Passholders have exclusive first-access to weekly bundles and price drops on cannabis products. These bundle deals are sent through text or email and are typically offered while supplies last.

How Can I Pay for My Cannabis Products? 

(Cash only vs. debit transactions) 

We accept both cash and Debit Cards, without the fees! 

Why? Because we treat our customers the very best. 

Where is Misty Mountain Shop Located? 

We are located at 323 COMMERCIAL ST.,

MALDEN, MA 02148. Stop by our recreational dispensary to get lifted! 

What Products Can I Purchase at Misty Mountain Dispensary? 

At Misty Mountain Shop, we have over 450 different cannabis products and brands for you to choose from. Each of our products have been locally sourced and selected from the biggest cannabis brands in Massachusetts. From edibles, cannabis vapes, infused-beverages and premium flower – you’ll find plenty of ways to get lifted. 

Does Your Malden Dispensary Location Offer Delivery?

 Our Malden dispensary location is not offering cannabis delivery at this time. However, we are open to your visit! Misty Mountain Shop is meant to be visited – we’ve curated an immerse and innovative dispensary experience so you can shop our array of elevated products for your next big adventure.